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¿No sabes elegir? no tienes que hacerlo, puedes variar tu clase como prefieres sin elegir un curso fijo. Pregunta al desk cuales son los cursos más aptos para tus necesidades
beautiful girl doing pole dance pose with beige background and black shorts & top
Basic - Intermediate - Advanced
3 aeriallist doing aerial silk, aerial hoop and aerial trapeze
Silk - Hoop - Trapeze - Hammock
girl doing aerial yoga with beige background
Antigravity Method
Bungee 4D Pro
girl ding flexy yoga pose with beige background
Mix level - Advanced level
girls dance pole exotic sexy with beige background
Pole Flow - Exotic sexy style
Pole Flow - Contemporary style
beautiful girl doing pilates with beige background and grey pants & top
Pilates Fit & Hiit
couple doing acroyoga with beige background
Acroyoga & Acrobalance
girls doing yoga meditation in a nice studio during day
Vinyasa - Mala Flow
teacher help kids in aerial hoop class with beige background
Acrobatica Aerea 6 - 14 años
Fit Bellet & Vertical Fit
orange mats with beige background
Special Classes
Free time Pole Dance & Aerial Arts
beautiful girl doing crunch fitness with beige background and black mat

Personal Trainer

Private/semi private
Slice 1

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